Applied Art is basically a subject which assumes various forms of communication through media which are subject to technical, economic and social controls. Our objective training is focused on development of creative ability and professional skills through study of subjects such as Design, Lettering, Drawing, Illustration etc. Students are also given theory classes of History of Art for a better understanding of the subject.

To learn more about art that has practical use, read on to explore the wonderful world of applied art.


Group: I (Theory)

1) Advertising Art & Ideas

2) History of Visual Communication

Group: II (Practical)

1) Drawing  2) Nature and Object Drawing  3) Colour  4) 2D Design  5) 3D Design*

6) Perspective*  7) Visualisation*   8) Graphic Design  9) Typography & Calligraphy 10) Page Layout


Batch Timing:

Monday to Friday –

4.00 – 8pm (2 hours batch)

Saturday & Sunday – 

10.00 – 1.00pm (2 hours Batch)

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