Water colour paints are known for its transparency and are used on paper / handmade paper, as well as its ability to form the delicate washes and develops complex shading by building up many different layers of the color. These qualities come from the size of its finely ground pigments. The small particles spread evenly over the paper to make smooth washes. Its colour effects giving highly natural feelings. Water colour is highly effective with chipset colour medium.

Water colors are not thick like poster colors. Water colors are safe to be used by every age group students.

Batch Timing:

Monday to Friday –

4.00 – 8pm (Choose any 1 hour or 2 hours)


Saturday & Sunday –

10.00 – 1.00pm (Choose any 1 hour or 2 hours)

Landscape painting PG 1
Landscape painting PG 4
Landscape painting PG 2
Landscape painting PG 5
Landscape painting PG 3
Landscape painting PG 6