Visual Arts

Drawing & Painting

“A man paints with his brains and not with his hands. ” —


ARTWORK provides the best knowledge and the basic foundation with Creative & Technical guidance required for sure success.

For children who are going to appear for Elementary, Intermediate or art school entrance exams, ARTWORK provides the best knowledge and the basic  foundation required for sure success.

Well-trained artists are in great demand today. To name a few Career Options, which are in need of

professionally trained artists, are –

1) Architecture                 2) Advertising                 3) Graphic Designing                 4) Web Designing

5) 2D Animation               6) 3D Animation             7) Interior Designing                  8) Fashion Designing

9) Jewelry Designing      10) Textile Designing    11) Art Direction                         12) Painting

13) Product Design         14) Accessory design   15) Automobile Design etc.     

       We have designed the syllabus to suit the needs of every age group.  So for those who intend to take up art as their profession and have a passion for it, get the admission at the earliest.

– Courses available for
1) Child Art ( K.G. to 4th Std.)
2) Drawing & Painting (5th to 9th Std.) / 9 years diploma certificate course
3) Govt. Elementary & Intermediate Drawing Grade Exam. (7th std. to above)

        Elementary & Intermediate Grade Examination conducted by  the Art Directorate of the Govt. of Maharashtra. For these Both Exams students from Std. 7th and Above are eligible.

The syllabus is as follows:

– Specialization courses:

1) Oil and Acrylic Painting (7th std. to above)
2) Water color Painting (7th std. to above)
3) Pencil / Charcoal Sketching (7th std. to above)
4) Abstract Painting (7th std. to above)
5) Fine Art (Acrylic / Water colour Painting , Sketching)
6) Applied Art – Advertising course (Sketching and Computer graphics)
7) NATA (National Appetite Test) (11th & 12th Std)
8) Interior Designing (11th & 12th Std)
9) Fashion Design (11th & 12th Std)
10) MAH-ART-CET – Entrance Exam (11th & 12th Std)
11) DTTC (Drawing Teacher Training course) 6 Months Certificate Course
12) Hobby Class (18 years and Above)

The students who want to do only specialization in the particular Medium of an Art can apply for this Special Course.It is ideal for College students, Working people, House wives and all who want to develop their hobby in art. Specialty of this batch is deep and excellent guidance in particular medium.

Batch Timing:
– Monday to Friday

4.00 pm – 8 pm (Choose any 1 hour or 2 hours)

– Saturday & Sunday – 

10.00 am – 1.00 pm (Choose any 1 hour or 2 hours)

photos n Video p3
photos n Video p1
– For Elementary Exam:-

1) Object Drawing

2) Memory Drawing

3) Design

4) Geometry & Lettering

– For Intermediate Exam:-

1) Still Life

2) Memory Drawing

3) Design

4) Solid Geometry & Lettering

For those students who are from Std. 7th to 9th passed out with grade “A or B” SSC board give the additional 2% and for “C” Grade 1% More in their 10th result.

Students who want to do career in Fine Art or any art related field, this govt. Exams Grade is mandatory. This exams will give the right path to students to focus on their Art field.