We are Offering Coaching for

Artwork Academy provide the Offline/ Online Tuition for the students. Students will have to attend classes and have face-to-face studying with the teacher/students in a classroom.

Online Tuition – It is computer-based learning where students can attend/study according to their convenience, and in the comfort of their homes. Here, students don’t have to travel to sit inside a classroom.

Our Features

  • All subject under one roof
  • Qualified & Experienced Staff
  • Individual Attention
  • On the spot doubt clearance
  • An interactive environment both with teachers and students
  • Competitive environment among you and your friends
  • When you have the teacher standing right in front of you, you seem to be more attentive (Just a psychological factor)
  • Regular classes at a specific time makes you more disciplined
  • Result oriented coaching conceptual clarity
  • Daily homework and weekly test
  • Daily reading & writing practice
  • Preparation for exams
  • Confidence building program
  • Motivational & Encouraging environment
  • CCTV monitored classrooms


Batch Timing :
Monday to Friday –

9.00 – 11.00am

4.00 – 6pm


Saturday (Exam & doubt clearance) –

4.00 – 6pm

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